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About the Company

Founded in 2006, Astronergy is one of the earliest private enterprises in China to set foot in the photovoltaic field. Focusing on R&D, production and sales of high-efficiency crystalline silicon PV cells and PV modules, Astronergy has continuously launched the ASTRO and ASTRO N series high-efficiency, high-quality, high-performance modules. Pioneered the mass production of n-type TOPCon PV modules, Astronergy keeps leading in n-type TOPCon PV cell technology.

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Factory Locations of BOMs Produced for 2023 Scorecard:
Yancheng, China; Haining, China

Note About Top Performer Status

The Scorecard is based upon testing completed by PVEL at the time of publication. Testing in PVEL’s Product Qualification Program is ongoing. In some cases, test results were not yet available.

Our Methodology

Each Top Performer listed above represents a specific bill of materials (BOM). Click here to learn about PVEL’s Top Performer scoring methodology.

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