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Each year, our Scorecard showcases manufacturers that produce PV modules with noteworthy results in PVEL’s independent testing.

Inclusion in the Scorecard is based on performance and reliability data from PVEL’s Product Qualification Program, a suite of lab and field tests that inform solar procurement and investment decisions.

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Welcome to the 2023 Scorecard

Over the last year the solar industry has experienced unprecedented growth, and some significant challenges, as PV module demand and production have exploded across the globe. In 2023, Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts that we will surpass 300 GW of solar deployments globally. At this scale of project development and investment, understanding how to procure high-performing, reliable modules has never been more critical.  As module buyers seek the guidance they need to navigate the latest technology trends and new market entrants, we are pleased to share with you the 9th Edition of PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard.

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Luca Votta
Global Business Sector Leader
Renewable Energy at Kiwa

2023 Top Performers by the Numbers
Scroll through the key takeaways.

35 Top Performer manufacturers, including eight new to the Scorecard.

Almost 250 model types from 35 manufacturers are showcased for their top performing PVEL Product Qualification Program (PQP) test results, the most in Scorecard history.

Top Performers were manufactured in 12 different countries.

Top Performer BOMs were produced in Canada, Cambodia, China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam, by module manufacturers with worldwide sales.

11 manufacturers with All Star results.

11 manufacturers had one or more model types that are Top Performers in every reliability test (TC, DH, MSS, PID and LID+LETID), and five of these model types are also Top Performers in PAN.

Six manufacturers had TOPCon Top Performers.

While p-type PERC remains the dominant cell technology across Top Performers, there are 37 TOPCon model types listed as Top Performers, up from just one in 2022. Nine HJT model types are also included this year, up from two last year.


We use a consistent methodology for testing and ranking PV modules: the Product Qualification Program. Our process helps buyers compare products across different technologies, manufacturers and model types.

Our testing goes beyond the model types of PV modules to assess unique bill of materials (BOM) combinations. This approach ensures buyers can procure the specific BOMs that we have validated in testing.


While the number of Top Performer manufacturers increased this year, so did the percentage of manufacturers experiencing a failure. Additionally, almost one-third of BOMs suffered at least one failure during testing, and 15% of BOMs had a failure even before stress testing. Explore the 2023 Scorecard failure data to learn more.

Two Ways to View Top Performers

Explore the Searchable Database

The online Scorecard’s searchable database allows users to filter Top Performers by manufacturer, PQP test, module design, power class and more. Search results can be downloaded in CSV format for further analysis.

Download the Summary

Want to take the Scorecard offline? An executive summary of the 2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard is available for PDF download. The summary provides buyers with a quick reference to the list of top performing manufacturers along with key takeaways from PVEL’s PQP testing.

“Jinko has been using PVEL’s Product Qualification to demonstrate our commitment to quality and reliability since 2013, and we’re proud to be listed in the Scorecard for the ninth consecutive time. As our products evolve we are particularly thrilled to have our new n-type TOPCon modules featured prominently in this year’s Scorecard.”

Mr. Li Xiande
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd.

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PVEL collaborates with the PV research community and media to share data that matters with the solar industry. Download the 2023 Scorecard Media Kit to learn more.

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Coming soon! The 10th Edition of the PV Module Reliability Scorecard will be released on June 5th!