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About PVEL

Beyond the Scorecard

Since our inception PVEL has created data that matters to the global solar industry. Throughout our history and to this day, our commitment to this mission has not wavered. Along with the other members of the Kiwa Group we provide comprehensive technical support for the downstream solar and storage market. Among other services for the industry, we currently offer:

Equipment testing at our labs

  • Our flagship PV Module PQP supports global solar module procurement and is conducted at PVEL’s labs in California, USA, and at PVEL’s partner lab within the Kiwa Group, PI China, in Suzhou, China
  • Batch testing during PV module production for projectlevel risk mitigation
  • PV module performance characterizations for energy yield and financial modeling
  • Custom product assessments at our gridconnected field lab for comparative energy yield and performance studies

Field testing for operating solar assets

  • PV module acceptance testing, both after delivery and after project construction
  • Damage and underperformance assessments via field EL imaging and other diagnostic tools
  • Connector analytics, inverter assessments, and other onsite investigations

Consulting and data services that inform PV and energy storage procurement

  • A subscriberbased quarterly Solar Technology and Cost forecast report and a biannual Battery Technology and Cost forecast report
  • Custom vendor management and product benchmarking dashboards
  • Curated reports that support advanced system modeling, vendor management, and financing strategy

Learn more about these services at and explore other services offered by the Kiwa Group at

About Kiwa Group

Kiwa, PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) and PI Berlin have joined forces to bring you world class expertise in laboratory testing, material and manufacturing oversight to create trust in the performance, reliability, and safety of your investment.

The Kiwa Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of quality assurance, testing, inspection and certification services for the solar industry. This includes component certification, qualification and bankability testing, technical due diligence, factory audits and inspections, batch testing, and field services at operating sites and those under construction. We support investors, developers, EPC contractors and asset managers, while also helping manufacturers demonstrate compliance to the requirements of numerous markets.

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The 2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard was made possible by the technicians, engineers and support staff working tirelessly in our labs to produce data that matters for the solar industry. The authors are also grateful for the efforts of the valued contributors to this and past editions of the Scorecard.

This digital publication has been produced by PVEL LLC from information relating to dates and periods referred to herein. This digital publication does not imply that any information is not subject to change. To the extent permitted by law, neither PVEL nor any affiliate company (the “Group”) assumes any responsibility whether in contract, tort or otherwise for use of the digital publication. This digital publication is a summary and must be read in its entirety and is subject to any assumptions and qualifications expressed therein. This Report may contain detailed technical data which is intended for use only by persons possessing requisite expertise in its subject matter. Nothing in this digital publication is intended to confer upon any entity other than the Group any benefit and use of this document is at the user’s sole risk. This digital publication is protected by copyright.

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